Delivery & Set Up

Safes R Us Full Service Dealer

Delivery & Setup

Safes R Us has delivered over 5,000 gun safes in Texas and Louisiana.  We have the latest technology as well as experienced staff that enables us to offer the most competitive price.  We are a full service company that strives for complete customer satisfaction.

New Installation of Fort Knox Safes & Fort Knox Vault Doors

  • Safes R Us personally delivers & sets up all Fort Knox safes and vault doors.  We include a bolt down at no extra charge.
  • Safes R Us guarantees that your home décor and property will be protected during the installation process
  • We use the latest technology to safely install your Fort Knox safes

New Installation of Fort Knox Vault Doors

  • We need an opening in wall of 82 inches by 40 inches to install all Fort Knox Vault Doors
  • Rough Opening Tolerances
    • Height: 81” ¾ MIN to 83” MAX
    • Width: 38” ½ MIN to 41” MAX

Relocation of Safes

Safes R Us also offers relocation services if you already own a gun safe and simply needed it to be moved.  Call us (713.455.2741) to schedule an appointment to have your safe moved to the new location.

Reselling Used Safes

If you have purchased a new Fort Knox safe from us, we can take your old safe to our showroom and look for potential buyers.  If a buyer is interested, we will then give them your contact information so both parties can negotiate the deal.  It’s the most convenient for both seller and buyer.  It’s free advertising for the owner of the used safe and buyer can speak directly to seller.

Staircase Types for Delivery of Fort Knox Safes & Vault Doors


Staircase type is one of the most important information that we need to know for the delivery and set up of Fort Knox Safes. Below are a few examples of different styles and types of staircases. Please let us know which staircase style you have at your home or business prior to delivery and setup.


Straight Stairs

Return Stairs

Circular Stairs

L Shape Stairs