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Fort Knox Custom Safes

Safes R Us understands the significant of having peace of mind knowing your family and valuables are protected.  Everyone has different security needs; therefore, we can help you customize a safe that will meet all your needs and requirements.  Whether it’s a secure space for your valuable collections, Safes R Us has the right customize solution for you.

Our custom safe is constructed with the highest security standard without sacrificing the look and feel.  If after browsing through all of our Fort Knox Series and you still cannot find the right safe, you still have the freedom of designing and customize a safe just for you.

Custom vault rooms are the perfect place to store any large valuable collections including guns, personal heirlooms, family records, important business documents, jewelry, pictures, art works and more.  Likewise, if your house is in areas that are prone to natural disasters such as hurricane, tornado, forest fire and other, our custom vault room can double up as storm shelters and or panic room for your family.

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