Maverick Safe Series

Fort Knox Maverick Safe Series

The Maverick Series contains many of the features you would expect from a more expensive safe.  It has more steel than most safes on the market.  A heavy 11 gauge body and the new Fort Knox folded door adds three layers of steel on the edge of the door.  With external hinges on the right side of the door, 3 way bolts and a new 1200 degree in 45 minutes fire package, the Maverick Series competes head to head with the inexpensive import safes price today with the exception of quality, lifetime warranty and real security made in USA.

Maverick  Safe Features:

  • New! Two tone interior
  • UL listed Burglary Protection
  • Certified 1200˚ for 45 minutes Inferno Sheild fire protection
  • 1 1/8” Reinforced Fire Door (11 gauge steel plate, 1 layer of fire board & 10 gauge outer reinforcement) thick steel door
  • New Fortress Fold Door design putting over 3/8″ of steel around the edge of the door
  • Quadrafold Door Frame
  • 11 gauge steel uni-body construction
  • Up to 11 – 1 ½” diameter door locking bolts
  • FOILmechanical back-up re-locking devices
  • Drill Deflector Bold Guard
  • EasyGlide™ concealed ball-bearing hinges
  • Drill stop hard plate with recessed multi-bearings
  • S&G Group II manipulation resistant lock
  • 5 prong handle: gold, chrome or black chrome
  • Durable textured finish
  • Carpeted shelving
  • Painted Interior Walls
  • External Right-hand hinge (only)
  • Made in USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Maverick Specifications

ModelHeightWidthDepth / OverallVolumeWeight 1 1/2" Locking Bolts
Maverick 724172.5"41"27" / 30"57 cu. ft.975 lbs11
Maverick 663766.5"37"27" / 30"36 cu.ft.857 lbs9
Maverick 603160.5"31"25" / 28"25 cu.ft.695 lbs9
Maverick 602660.5"26"20" / 23"16 cu.ft.531 lbs9
Maverick 602460.5"24"18" / 21"14 cu.ft.502 lbs9
Maverick 402640.5"24"18" / 21"8 cu.ft.369 lbs9